International Education Scholarship for Women ( ISW) 2021-2022 Application Apply Now

Woman Scholarship

International Education Scholarship for Women

(ISW) 2021-2022 Application:

ISW Applications are now being accepted for ISW Institute’s 2021-2020 Session Scholarship for Women. Women can apply for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, in which case there is no fee to apply.

Preference will be given to women who have been able to empower women through voluntary and professional work for women’s empowerment.

Those who receive the scholarship will have the opportunity to do full-time research or study at U.S. universities. At recognized Canadian or U.S. institutes, both graduate, undergraduate, and graduate students will receive financial support sponsored by Shebagen Women’s Magazine. This international scholarship has been providing ISW for women since 1998. These scholarships are given as a grant to fully educate women in all countries except Iran.


Health insurance will be provided by Sunlife Insurance Company.

The return flight will cost 1,800 once.

Bachelor’s Degree Sponsorship:18,000.

Masters Degree Sponsorship: 28,000.

Doctoral Degree Sponsorship: 26,000.

Postdoctoral Degree Sponsorship: 32,000.

Expenditure on books and literature: Markin 1,000 per year.

The monthly stipend is 1,200 for undergraduate students,1,800 for master students, 1,800 for doctoral students, and flexible packages for doctoral students.

International Education Scholarship for Women Eligibility of application:

ISW Scholarship applicants must meet the following rules to be eligible for an International Fellowship: –

Applies to women in any country except Iran.

The age requirements for the degree program will depend on the university.

Must have a bachelor’s degree to apply for a master’s program.

Must have a postgraduate degree to apply for a doctoral program. Must have a doctorate degree to apply for a post-doctoral position.

After receiving the ISW Scholarship, the candidate has to sign a commitment letter, where he / she will have his / her educational plan and will abide by it.

Applicants must have the mentality to return to their home country to pursue a professional career after completing their studies.

Must be proficient in English and submit documents as proof of proficiency.

Applicable to candidates for all places: All countries except Iran can apply

Application Procedure

To apply for ISW funds you will need the following documents: –

Evidence of the candidate’s English reading, writing, and speaking skills A letter from the previous university should be taken which will prove the applicant’s English skills.

If the applicant has an IELTS score of 8 or higher, he/she does not need to take a letter of English proficiency from the previous university.

The applicant’s CV should have a list of his / her co-educational activities and volunteer activities.

The professors of the latest educational institution should have two letters of recommendation.

Research proposals for doctoral degree program applicants and study plans for master’s degree applicants are also mandatory.

Letters of inspiration should mention why you want to study in the United States and how the ISW Scholarship can help you.

If all these documents are correct, complete the application by clicking the Apply button.

Application deadline: December 26, 2020 (26 days left)

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